Muggle Lyfe

Sometimes, I have to do stuff that’s not performing–you know like day job stuff. There’s been a lot of that. The up side is that I love my new job at the New Museum. The exhibitions are wonderful and my co-workers are folk I’ve come to admire greatly. you should if you might, come by to see it. Pippilotti Rist is an amazing artist to say the very least: her immersive environments are attracting crowds we’ve never seen before. Cheng Ran and Heather Phillipson extraordinary video works are also here,  I encourage you to join us.

You have to come see this. It will make you forget about the horrible thing that happened.

You have to come see this. It will make you forget about the horrible thing that happened.


I took time away from performing and did some costume design for Tim Patrick Walsh’s new play “Comfort in Silence”.  It was a grueling show to costume but I had so much fun. The play actually won the Jean Darlymple Off Off Broadway Award for best Playwright for “Comfort in Silence” !!!



I did quite a bit of stage managing too.

I’m going into rehearsal with Jonathan Luks, Head Honcho of Flying Ship Productions. We did his children’s theater piece in a few schools. We aim to do a play called “Winter Wonderland”. I play the caterpillar and the Red Queen. I love children because I don’t have any, so this will be fun!

I have some stuff going in the Winter. I will most certainly be at WEBurlesque Dec 28th, so catch me singing and dancing with some of my favoritest queeple. Love to see you!


Viktor Devonne's Holiday Striptacular! Dec. 28th ROCKBAR

Viktor Devonne’s Holiday Striptacular! Dec. 28th ROCKBAR


Oh and just for fun, a video for a song I recorded last year with Ron Barba. He’s ridiKAlous. The man has no redeeming qualities…So you know we get on like a pair of Ferragamos… #funsies


Spell check to come…stay tuned.


Oh dear gawd, it’s the Holidays again. Oy.

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“Speakeasy” running now through March 13th

I have been remiss in not updating my page yet again. Isn’t that just the way?


“Speakeasy” is up and running now through March 13th. We’re getting great reviews and I’m proud to be in a company of performers who are professionals beyond any project I have ever been involved with. I am so honored to be on the stage with them.


Tim Connell, Bri Molloy and camille Atkinson as Julian Eltinge, Chet Cheshire and Duchess Bentley

Tim Connell, Bri Molloy and Camille Atkinson as Julian Eltinge, Chet Cheshire and Duchess Bentley with the gorgeous ensemble.


The piece is called “Speakeasy–John and Jane’s adventures in the Wonderland” a fantasia of queerdom during the Harlem Renaissance. As the Pansy Craze and the Negro Vogue raged in Harlem, white downtowners got enticed to cross over, try some illegal booze and get their freak on. Sinful. Glorious. Jazz. Sex. Liquor. Sex and Drugs.

Speakeasy poster


All of that is laid over the Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. Characters in the musical are based on the iconic creatures Alice encounters. Bri Molloy as the Cheshire Cat in the guise of Pansy band leader and crooner Chet Cheshire. Tim Collins as cross-dressing female impersonator Julian Eltinge, reigns as the Mad Hatter. And yours truly as (Duchess Bentley) Gladys Bentley who combines the White Queen, Humpty Dumpty and a little Caterpillar too. We entreat the naive newlyweds to join us in the demimonde. Which if you’ve ever seen my business card is my mode de emploi.


Daisy Chain

The title characters John & Jane are played by the brilliantly gifted Matias Polar and the stunning Kayleigh Shuler.  Matias Polar exemplifies the triple threat, all his talents in equal balance and tremendously so.

John (Matias Polar) and Jane (Kayleigh Shuler)

John (Matias Polar) and Jane (Kayleigh Shuler)



Kayleigh, who plays Duchess’ love interest and John’s wife–has such phenomenal talent, it’s unbelievable. Despite being an exceptional singer, her dancing is superb and she is ever-present in her role.

Roberta (The White Rabbit) played by Bevin Bell-Hall

Roberta (The White Rabbit) played by Bevin Bell-Hall




Roberta aka the White rabbit is played by the scrumptious and adorable Bevin Bell-Hall. She’s a triumph of talents, puppeteering among them. Every member of the cast deserves detailed write up, but if you come see the show, I can just shut up here.

Julian and Jane as played by Tim Connoll and Kayleigh Shuler

Julian and Jane as played by Tim Connoll and Kayleigh Shuler

Myself and the lovely Kayleigh Shuler

Myself and the lovely Kayleigh Shuler



There are intense sexytimes in the show so despite the Alice angle, this show is not for kids. So fire up the pace maker and getcha a babysitter.

Tickets and times here.

Review from Gay City News.

Review from Talkin’ Broadway.

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Chop Chop!

January 16th at the Metropolitan Room I’ll be hosting Le Scandal with fellow New Orleanian and producer Bonnie Dunn!

Le Scandal is NYC’s long-running variety show, featuring circus, burlesque, variety and live music! A New York Times Critic Pick, featured on MTV, HBO, The Travel Channel, WE, and HD Voom, Le Scandal performers include an America’s Got Talent winner comedian acrobat, an exotic contortionist, striptease trapeze, an adorable comedian juggler just back from an MTV tour, international blues and jazz singer featured at BB Kings, a sexy sword swallowing belly dancer featured on the Discovery Channel, comedy, classic and neo-burlesque, and many more thrilling and edgy live performers, all backed by the live musicians of the Le Scandal Orchestra.

le scandal

January 16th

11:00 pm

The Metropolitan Room

34 West 22nd Street (Chelsea)

Get tickets!

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Too busy too live, Too busy to die

I’ve been so busy! It’s good but this will be brief. Forgive my impertinent behavior…

Camille in gold spot light

Photo by Silvia Forni 2016



Branded Saloon, January 9th will see the premiere of my  butchlesque alter ego: Butch Bettino. I am so chuffed to be hanging with the Butches’ Crew of drag king fame Switch’n’Play! Their show at the Outpost was legendary and I love the folks who put it together. Hosted and spun by Lee Valone and Vigor Mortis!

Ah yeah! It’s Moxie!

Check the facebook event!


Moxie flyer


Branded Saloon


603 Vanderbilt, Brooklyn

$7-15 sliding scale


I’ve been in rehearsals with an amazing new project at Theater for the New City. Playwright and composer Danny Asheknasi’s new phantasmagorical  new musical “Speakeasy!” The story is combination of Lewsi Carroll’s Alice books set in the Negro Vogue and Pansy Craze of 1930’s Harlem. Based on the lives of real life queer performers Gene Malin, Gladys Bentley and Julian Eltinge.

Theater for the new city logo

We performed the show as a reading with music on December 7th. It’s an extraordinary piece of work and the cast includes some brilliant (hilarious) performers. I can’t wait for you to see it. So get your tickets soon!

Speakeasy poster Version 2 black gays alice in gayland

1929 – New York City. John and Jane Allison are newlyweds. Although they love each other, they have desires they haven’t even acknowledged to themselves, let alone explored. But after giving her neighbor Roberta White a kiss, Jane goes “down the rabbit hole,” entering the strange world of a Speakeasy, where time and space and identity don’t appear to follow conventional rules. On accepting a sexual proposition in a public men’s room, John mysteriously slides “through the looking glass,” and in one fantastical magical realist dream night, they explore their sexuality through the course of two simultaneous and intertwining magical adventures. Lewis Carroll‘s literary characters and events from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” are transformed into real-life historically- significant entertainers and events from NYC’s Prohibition-era queer culture, with whom Jane and John enjoy friendships and love affairs. After a night of speakeasies, buffet flat parties, police raids, drag balls, and a bizarre trial, will they reveal their “dreams” to each other and “speak easy” about their truths?

Click here to get tickets for “Speakeasy!”

Feb 18, 2016 through Mar 13, 2016 Limited Engagement

Hope to see you soon!

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Oh hey and this is happening!


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A Whole Buncha Gigs this Fall Y’all

I have quite a few gigs coming up this Fall and I thought I’d finally update the website. Like ya do…

In my backstage life, I am costuming and stage managing some stuff. Dollypalooza went off with nary a hitch and newsflash, I called the show via facebook instant messenger. (It’s Zuckerberg’s world we’re just living in it.) Bevin Brandlandingham, Dara Barlin and the crew raised TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  Dolly is sending books to kids 0-5 once a month, so they have library of books to cherish and love. Please consider this cause as the season for giving arises…(excuse me, I have something in my eye) I was humbled and honored to work with Bevin again. As she is moving to CA this winter, I must mention her blog so we can all drink from her bountiful fount of wisdom and love.

On stage, I’m also acting, singing and dancing in the coming months. I must say that I am very grateful to have these opportunities in my life. Making a life in showbiz was always my dream—you can blame that on Madonna* and the Muppets—I never forget that I’m a lucky star,that I’m moving right along. It’s hard work, and I am lucky. All you really need is a day job and some supportive friends and family and you can do anything. I guess Kermit was right.

I’ve been working on my writing and storytelling at programs like WRITE QUEER! facilitated by Cecily Schuler at the Bureau (see more below). I’ve also been hitting up Jefferson Bites’ FOREplay: Stories of Sex, Love and Romance at the Delancey. It’s freaky fun. You should do it. Or you should come see me do seven minutes of off the cuff yakking about my sex life. (Whuuuuuuut?)

I’m writing music with guitarist Mike Cobb for our project GUMBO! and we’re doing shows around Brooklyn and playing in Prospect Park. So come out and see us before we all huddle in our caves, light fires and draw on the walls.

And SURPRISE Truffles is back! Just in time for the holidays!

Oh yeah I also had a big birthday, I’m finally 26! Woot! (yep, 26 and I’m sticking to it)

(*btw got to see Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour!!!! It was awesome and she spanked Anderson Cooper and gave him a banana! Whuuuuuuut?)

Soooo what’s coming up:

Oct 23rd TELL at the LGBTQ center
208 West 13th St.
at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division


Come join us for TELL an evening of queers telling stories. I did the second ever TELL hosted by my good buddy Drae Campbell last year and I loved it. This month’s theme is Chance. I’m going to do my best not to sing ABBA but I can’t promise anything.

TELL is an evening of story telling from the mouths and minds of queers in NYC hosted by Drae Campbell at the Bureau of General Services—Queer Division since February 2014.

Chance is the theme of the seventeenth installment of TELL. Featuring Miss Poison Ivory, Hana Malia, Camille Atkinson, and Jay Lucero.

$5-10 suggested donation – no one turned away for lack of funds



Oct 29th Crypt-Tease Botanic Lab
at 86 Orchard Street LES
8:00 pm

CT Square Bronze_bw-01

A spooky and sexy night of burlesque hosted by Honi Harlow and featuring performances from Gemini B Litz, Lucky Charming, Mia Julep, Scarlett Lace, Starla Blue and Bronze Bettina. Go-go by Dick Jones. Doors @ 8pm, Show @ 8:30pm. Tickets $12 in advance or $15 from Seedy Edie at the Door.

Buy Advanced Tickets:


Oct 27th GUMBO! at Bar Chord
1008 Courtelyou Road in Ditmas Park


Mike loves to gig there and I’ve heard good things so I’m looking forward to making music at Bar Chord for the first time! We have some new music and are expanding GUMBO! as a project.


Nov. 3rd, 7th, 15th, and Dec. 1st Truffles!

truffles tony logo

Swanky new venues!

Truffles is the musical I was in from October 2014 to March 2015 that was so popular we had to shut it down because we grew to too fast. Featuring the music of Jenni Lark and the fun fungi mystery, you’re bound to have fun. We’re coming back with most of the old cast so if you want to see your favorites come again. Starting November, we’ll be at Duane Park and the Cutting Room respectively. Also coming back is the ever popular brunch showtime! The box office will be opening soon more details later on that!

To get the show rolling, producer and creator Sonia Carrion has started a Kickstarter campaign. Help us raise money to mount the show again and I’ll see you there!

November 14th Les Chanteueses at Branded Saloon!


603 Vanderbuilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY

branded drag

The nekkid singers are back!! Showcasing burlesque and variety performers who sing as well! Double threats! This time with drag! Drag King Oliver Fist will be joining the cast this time. Songstress Nicole Tourtelot. Featuring performances by producers Kim Brulee and Francesca Hoffman. I’ll hosting, singing and dancing!



Nov 27th GUMBO! at Red Hook Bait & Tackle 

320 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY


Nov 28th GUMBO! at Bar Chord
(see above listing for deets)

Dec 24th, 26th, 27th, 28th,
Jan 1st, 2nd Twelfth Night at The Secret Theater

4402 23rd St
Long Island City, NY 11101

Swiftly Tilting Theater Project

Becca Kidwell and the team from Radiance are back at to throw some Shakespeare at you for the 12 nights of Chrishmish! Yes that’s right Twelfth Night with some familiar faces like Adam Deremer and Ewa Marie Wojcik plus new members like Ben Knight and music by Jenni Lark of Truffles fame. I’m dressing the cast up in my love so check it!

An exclusive preview concert of Jenni Lark’s music from Twelfth Night well be held on December 8th at QED in Queens 27-16 23rd Avenue in Astoria, NY 11105 Get your tickets–only $5!– here:

See you on the tundra!


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I like it #Hawt


It’s June and we finally got what I wanted all winter… Heat, heat and more heat! Bring it on! I know some of you folks are huddling around an air conditioner, but I luuuve the Heat. Down with a/c! Up with temperatures!…. Meanwhile, I’m turning a lasagna. No big deal. #nbd.

Just an update y’all.

I recorded a song with Ron Barba called “You’re So L.A.” a few weeks ago and the track is BOSS! I mean BAUS!! I can’t wait for you to hear it; you’re gonna love it! Ron Barba and I did “Truffles!” together a few months ago and he is a force to be reckoned with. A comedic force. Or a comedic farce. Your call. (Just kidding Ron…)


The weekend of June 13 and 14th, I’m werkin the ticketing gate at the Jazz Age Lawn Party!  I’m SO SO Excited to be an official part of the welcoming committee for this event!  I’ll be all dolled up in the sweltering heat–let’s see how much I like it then?  It’ll be a lot of fun so you should come out to Governor’s Island. It’ll be a day to remember fondly–sun, sand, grass, pretty dresses, dapper suits, the pie contest, Kidland, ancient gramophones, car show, dance lessons and more! How can you miss it?! P.S. Family friendly: watch your mouth, Atkinson!

Grace Gotham captured by Ben Lozovsky

Grace Gotham captured by Ben Lozovsky

Grace Gotham gorgeous as ever! Check out her good-looking cookin!

Tickets for the Jazz Age Lawn Party here:


August 8th I’m doing Les Chanteuses at Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights with Francesca Hoffman and Kim Brule. August 16th is Madge’s birthday, so there is no doubt I will be Madonna-ing that night. Bring out my lace gloves and my crinoline Lola! LOLA!

Because on the 16th…

madonna's birthday


…also in August, I’m doing a much anticipated Civil Rights Movement tribute act with Scarlett Lace at the Cobra Club. The secret word is NinaSimone.The tone is Not Madonna.

I’m also going to sing at more weddings this summer so love is on the breeze. I pray we all feel it. Remember Dorothy, It was there the whole time…

If you’d like to book me at your event or entertainment, wedding or burlesque just shoot me an email at:

Winky face.


Love yoooooooo….


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It’s May! It’s May! The lusty month of May!

May is in full bloom! Her daffodils and lilacs beam with the warmth of summer to come. As you might expect from the lateness of this update, things have been rather busy, my way.

I was lucky to do some behind the scenes work on “Truffles!” (music by Jenni Lark, direction by Sonia Carrion) as assistant director, box office and on costumes, as well as my featured part in the show. I love that show, I’m always entertained when we do it. There truly is never a dull moment. We moved the show to the Metropolitan Room and will have new dates coming up, but currently our burgeoning dinner theater show is on hiatus. So, I’ll keep you posted when they go up!

truffles tony logo

May 1st I went all the way out to The Suffolk Theater to perform with the Adam the Real Man in a Coney Island Burlesque—a thrilling revue and variety show. There was hosting and illusions by Adam the Real Man, go-go and kittening by Zoe Ziegfeld, burlesque by myself, Cheeky Lane and Raquel Reed, and contortion/burlesque by Topher Bousque. It was an amazing show and I was so overjoyed to be in this gorgeous cast. We were reviewed on the front page by Vera Chinese, for the Northforker-Long Island here:

At the historic Suffolk Theater

Performing Summertime at the historic Suffolk Theater

May 3rd I was a contestant in the Shana Farr Cabaret Vocal Competition. I made it to the finalist round but missed winning the prize by that much.  I did have the good fortune of meeting some wonderful people and making beautiful music on the first warm—hot even—day at a street fair on the Upper West Side.

Shana is a lovely woman and an accomplished cabaret star. You should check her out.

At the moment, I am stage managing and costuming “Radiance: the Passion of Marie Curie”. The story of Marie Curie’s (Ewa Wojcik) struggle to isolate radium with her husband Pierre Curie (Gary Kovak). It details a love affair she had with a former student of her husband’s Paul Langevin (Chris Cook) and the scandal stirred up by his wife, Jeanne (Kristen Brody). I urge you to come see this play, which was written by Alan Alda. Direction and lights by Rebecca Kidwell of Swiftly Tilting Theater Project. It’s a stunning little gem, I know you’ll love it. “Radiance” runs May 8th, 9th and 10th at Joria Production on 47th Street in Manhattan. Also starring Tim Magidson (Tourbogie/Tornebladh), Alexandra Perlwitz (Marguerite), and Adam Deremer (Emile Zola)…

Ewa Wojcik as Madam Marie Sklodowdskiej-Curie in "Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie by Alan Alda"

Ewa Wojcik as Madam Marie Sklodowdskiej-Curie in “Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie by Alan Alda”

Go to to get your tickets and for show times.

Check out the facebook invite:

And finally, the trailer for “Vow of Silence“, a film I worked on last year by the immeasureable Be Steadwell of Fatback Films is up at youtube.

The film is screening all over the country so please check here for a screening near you! Be is an astounding and precise musician as well, don’t miss her if she’s in your neck of the woods.

The Brilliant Be Steadwell

The Brilliant Be Steadwell


Otherwise, I’ve been writing new music, recording and rehearsing new material. I can’t wait to share this work when it’s ready.

I’ll be announcing a new run of shows soon as I get dates settled so stay tuned!



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The Long Run

Baby if you’ve ever wondered… I went down the proverbial rabbit hole into the wonder that is TRUFFLES! Yes we’re entering our third month in our dinner theater murder mystery experience. My website has suffered outrageous neglect but the show must go on! Truffles! has extended dates through April so get ye to the box office and purchase a ticket or two! The show has no fourth wall and the audience is onstage nearly as often as the cast. I’m having a great time working on the show as stage manager, costumer and performing as well.

love the personalities

Music from Truffles! by Jenni Lark is available on iTunes here:

halloween with the crevulators

I’ll also be hitting the stage with Mike Cobb and the Crevulators for the sound we call Gumbo, cause it’s a delicious yummy meaty mixture. So come out and check the band.

Muchos besos, Camilla

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Turkey Time is Upon Us Once More

Hey Folx,

Wanna get together for some music before the weather turns nasty and you have to deal with *shudder* Relatives? Me. Too. I’m doing a legit piece of theater in grand midtown through January. You should come see Truffles! because it’s dinner theater and you get a three course meal! Not to mention world class entertainment! There’s more burlesque in my schedule and I’ll be performing with Mike Cobb’s band the Crevulators in an act we’re calling GUMBO with me on vox!

Speaking of Gumbo. I’ve just started a little side business making gumbo in people’s homes. I’ll have a page up soon devoted exclusively to that shortly, but until then, come on out and getcher groove on.

awwwww yeah,

Running through January…

Truffles: A new dinner theater murder-mystery experience!

In Italy’s world-renowned restaurant, Ciacco’s, the wealthy Donati family are preparing to auction their treasured two-pound truffle and pull themselves out of financial crisis. However, festivities abruptly grind to a halt when the truffle goes missing and the restaurant’s owner, Dante Donati, is found dead. Chef Bruno just wants his guests to have a good time. Carlo the waiter just wants to elope with the Donati’s daughter, Isabella. And the Donati’s just want to solve the mystery before someone else falls victim to murder….or at least before dessert. With this much money, food, and a truffle empire at stake……you will never guess WHO DONE IT!

For tickets go to:


Nov 16th

Nov 22nd 

Nov 30th


For November shows only use the discount code:  truffles15

For $15 tickets to the show this month.



Dec 7

Dec 11

Dec 18

Dec 28

Les Chanteuses

Saturday, Nov 15



Branded Saloon @ 603 Vanderbilt Avenue

7:30 doors/8pm show

$7 entry


Featuring performances by:

Bronze Bettina

Miss Southern Comfort 

Kim Brulee


Lady J

Laura Lee

Musical Stylings by Nico Dahl & Francesca

Emceed by Bronze Bettina

Artwork by Ashkon Davaran

“Les Chanteuses,” and features the voices of the ladies behind the allure. Francesca Hoffman will be taking the stage again to sing a few songs with Nico Dahl to get the night started. Please join us!


Nov 20th TBD–it’s going to be So Good!


Wednesday, Nov 26th

Stuff Yourself Silly

Get your polar bear, turkey loving *ss to the beach for some Stuff(in)!


Adam Realman is back with the original Coney Island variety show, Stuff Yourself Silly! Stuff Yourself Silly returns to the stage where it all began…on the night it all began…Thanksgiving Eve! Tickets are only $10!

This olde time vaudevillian romp is jam packed with thrills, chills, excitement and delightment! Adam welcomes an all female cast as he hosts New York’s most talented ladies at Coney Island USA’s Sideshows by the Seashore Theater.

Featuring: Agent Topchick, Camille Atkinson, Miss Vivian, Tanya Solomon

Hosted by Adam Realman

Tickets are $10 in advance (no extra service fees) or at the door.

Advance tickets at:

Freak Bar opens at 7:00, show at 8:00

Spend the Eve with Adam and his lady friends!

Thank you and good Falling into Wintering!


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