Cybernetic Chanteuse Activated: SHE SINGS AGAIN!

My new Cylon spine.

The first three months of 2013 were a living hell. What with the endless pain from my Guinness Book-size herniated disc and the spinal fusion surgery required to mend it, it’s just been a whirlwind of anguished screaming and pain medication. But now I’m able to perform again, better than ever, complete with funky fresh metal and cadaverous bionics! So many thanks to Mark Boquist for holding the band together while I was out on medical leave, and the thousands of people who lent their talents to the Juke Joint Revue in my absence– BROADWAY BRASSY, SHELLY WATSON, LAVINIA DRAPER, DRAE CAMPBELL, THE NEW YORK CITY BURLESQUE CHOIR, the Musiciansand all you beautiful burlesque queens, door goddesses and kittens—you know who you are. Thank you all for helping make the Juke Joint Revue such a special place and keeping the crowds happy!

So here’s what’s up for spring! The Juke Joint Revue at Parkside on April 22nd is my official comeback! Monday 8-10—come early, stay late, cheap drinks. $10 cover includes 2 hours of me belting out quality rock, roll, soul, feminist burlesque, go-go dancing, plus the Funk Fest Vinyl Swap in the front room! Pool table! Ms Pac Man! Photo Booth of Doom! I reclaim my place in front of my beautiful boys! Highlighted performances include original burlesque routines by Rosie Cheeks, Beezlebabe Siren of Sodom, Delysia La Chatte, with stage kitten Dottie Dynamo! And of course the world-renowned Lavinia Draper will be on hand to take the festivities just the right amount too far.

RSVP on Face book:

We’ve got another Juke Joint in the works for May 13th, and the May 27th extravaganza will be the 1st Anniversary of the Juke Joint Revue! Not to be missed!

Plus we’re playing our usual two sets with dinner and drinks at Hill Country BBQ in Chelsea on Friday July 5th!

It’s a big room and a fun time. If you haven’t tried their brisket, you should!

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