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First, I want to say thank you to everyone who enjoyed “The End Times Cabaret: The Great Crash” and the fabulously fun Juke Joint Revues at The Parkside Lounge this September. Thank you, I hope you had as good a time as I did! Francesca Hoffman and I are teaming up for another show–this time in Brooklyn!


It seems wind has changed direction and Mary Poppins is off to the outer regions again, kids. Fear not!–we can get together over some cozy RockRollNSoul and groove into the end of Fall like a leaf on the air. There is so much new music coming up from me and the band, a delicious bbq gig with my band Empire Beats at Hill Country BBQ Market and a Halloween Show to knock your costumes off for Theater for the New City’s 33rd Annual Halloween party!

Here is what’s to come…..

October 21st
Juke Joint Revue
Doors at 7:45 Show at 8pm The Parkside Lounge, 317 Houston @ Attorney on the LES
Join us for another classically bawdy installment of the celebrated Juke Joint Revue at the atmospheric Parkside Lounge. Empire Beats plays slammin soul and raunchy rock fronted by The Notorious Sapphic Songtress, myself. Breathless go-go routines and beautiful bump and grind provided by: Pam Demonium who premiers an act to the new controversial, original “White Boys”, Dick Jones explores the Hot Mess that is “Mary Lou” and our headliner Lily Faye the Bronx Bombshell does a seasonal medley of Artie Shaw’s “Nightmare” and “In the Pines”. Featuring Kittening and Go-Go by Fancy Feast with Juke Joint Poster Girl, Raffle Maven and Good Time Girl: Minx Arcana. Door as always by Plucky Charms. Come early for delicious Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread! Come Earlier for The Parkside Lounge’s Annual Chili-Cook-Off in honor of Sarah’s Birthday! Chili! Yum! Raffle includes burlesque accessories hand made by Plucky Charms of Plucky’s Charms and of course Hot Sauce! Admission still only 10 dollars!

October 24th
Les Chanteuses 8:30-9:30PM at the Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights
Popping our Cherries! The very first installment of Les Chanteuses. Host: moi, Camille Atkinson! Featured vocalists Kim Brulee, and burly by Miss Cherry Delight, Charles Stunning, and Cherry la Voix! All singing burlesque performances, all night long! Can Prospect Heights handle the Heat? Let’s all warm up and sing! Bring singles! Lots of go-go dancing action to keep you warm. Admission for this event $7.

October 25th
Hill Country BBQ
10pm at Hill Country BBQ Market, 30 W 26th St. New York, NY 10010
(212) 255-4544 Fri, October 25, 2013
Empire Beats chows down on brisket and then swings riveting soul all night for your meat-loving, hot sauce eating pleasure. The juiciest Texas style brisket, bbq, ribs, fall off the bone chicken, sausage, and OH I haven’t even mentioned the sides…the slaw, cucumber salad and lawd hep us the greeeeeens. Get your hands off my greens! Admission=FREE but you’d be Crazay not to get some of this food!


October 31st 

Theater for the New City’s 33rd Annual Halloween Party!

4pm Outside The theater (free) 8pm Inside ($20)

155 First Ave, East Village

Empire Beats will bewitch the East Village in Theater for the New City’s 33rd annual Village Halloween Costume Ball on Thursday, October 31st at TNC, 155 First Avenue. This unique festival continues as a grand coming-together for everyday New Yorkers and artists alike. A carefree fall tradition, it celebrates the creativity that comes with the season. At 4pm we will do a short set for the neighborhood outside the party and then at 8: Empire Beats distinctive blend of RockRollNSoul hits the stage with boylesque star Johnny Panic and a surprise performance by one of our favorite dancers…the suspense, the suspense…

The one-night fiesta takes over all four of TNC’s theater spaces, plus its lobby and the block of East Tenth Street between First and Second Avenues. Customarily over 1,400 wildly-clad celebrants gather for dancing, dining, showing off costumes and viewing acts from the cutting-edge of Cabaret and Theater. Costume or formal wear is required. Big-Band Dance orchestras take over the large Johnson Theater.

November 2nd 8pm Bowery Electric
327 Bowery New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-0228 $8.

Empire Beats does a straight show, no strippers. All Atkinson, All night. Alluring. Featuring all the new originals and some that you know by heart. Bowery Electric features great sound a mezzanine and two bars.


November 4th
Juke Joint Revue
Doors at 7:45 Show at 8pm, the Parkside Lounge 317 Houston, LES
A little bit of New Orleans in New York. Performances include the illustrious Fancy Feast to the Atkinson original “Spoiled”, Juke Joint Revue Flyergirl Minx Arcana returns to shine and Jo BOOBS puts on a feathery fanfare to-Blues in the Night. More to come, but just you wait! Admission still only $10

And as evra:

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