In Like a Lion

In Like A Lion

I don’t know about you but this March has taken me completely off guard! The depths of winter are nearly behind us folks, so that means it’s time to shake off the winter blues and get your spring groove on!

Empire Beats has picked up a swinging new weekly gig on Wednesdays doing Live Band karaoke at Hill Country BBQ Market in Brooklyn on Adams St. So far it’s been a blast and Eric and the staff at the Brooklyn location have welcomed us very warmly into their BBQ family! So come out and join us. There are more Juke Joint Revues as we head into early spring including a farewell show for Pam Demonium and rumor has it our 2nd anniversary party—which I like to think of as the Juke Joint Revue ‘Biennial’.

Going back to my acting roots, I’ll be playing the Nurse in Falconworks’ production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the first 2 weekends in June, over by Red Hook. The production is sure to be one of a kind and extremely memorable. So far the rehearsals have been wonderful and I’m really happy to be working with director Reg Flowers. His take on opening up the meaning of the play to the community around us is deeply inclusive and refreshing. The kids I’m working with are Gung-Ho and genuinely motivated; in other words: we’re making beautiful art.

There is of course more burlesque with Calamity Chang and Francesca Hoffman in the works and I’m joining Drae Campbell for TELL 2: Summer. The original TELL was in HuffPo! (scroll down for more)

If you haven’t had a chance to grab a copy of the April/May issue of Curve Magazine, there’s a lovely one-page interview with me and a stunning photo by my official photographer Ben Lazar. I love any picture of me stamped with the motif “This is What a Lesbian Looks Like” so I’m just thrilled by this! Femme visibility! Woo! Empire Beats and the Juke Joint Revue were also featured in TONY as a Critic’s Pick–hey how ‘bout that? Apparently we’ve got “Wow factor”. Come an’getcher cornbreads!

I hope to see you out sometime soon, hibernating is for the bears! (Not that there’s anything wrong with Bears…)





Every Wednesday Night

Rock’n’Twang Karaoke in the Soul Kitchen


Hill Country BBQ Market Brooklyn

345 Adams Street.

Near A, C, F to Jay St. Metrotech

2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall

And every bus in Brooklyn goes there, honestly.

FREE (but you’ll want to eat some brisket, trust. Also tips for their glowing staff!)

We’re starting a new karaoke scene in Brooklyn so centrally located you Can spend all your money on tips and drinks and still get home safe because the trains are right there! Join Empire Beats upstairs on the second floor for your moment in the spotlight singing with a Live Band! Our karaoke book has Country Classics, Americana favorites, Jazz, Blues, Soul and a fair amount of Pop. Wait? What? Yep, we’re here to have fun and you should join us! Come and get a free shot of liquid courage (whiskey) for your first tune and then let it all hang out. I’ll be your emcee and backup singer as needed.


March 20th, 2014

Juke Joint Revue

The Parkside Lounge on Houston Street at Attorney

Doors at 7:45, Show at 8pm

Admission $10

2 drink minimum—new awesome bar maven Callista!

F to Delancey or 2nd Ave


It’s Mark’s Birthday! Let’s sing Happy Birthday like Black people AND White People! In perfect harmony!

Empire Beats live burlesque extravangazzzna features an unbelievable cast with Tiger Bay and Coco Masala in the front of house and Dottie Dynamo, Mary Cyn and BFD Perle Noire as our featured acts! Rocking you with Soul and Blues and filling you with cheddar jalapeno cornbreads. Come sit in my own version of the French Quarter and let the South come over you like a summer heat wave. Originals, covers, comedy, booze and BOOBS! Not to be missed and can’t be beat.


March 21st

April 18th

May 2nd

Room 69 at Hotel Chantelle


92 Ludlow

9:30 pm


J, F to Delancey

I’ll be your singing, posing hostess in the tight dress yet again! Produced by the Yellow Rose of Texas and Asian Sexation, Calamity Chang presents her weekly Friday show, Hotel Chantelle. An elegant exhibition of the finest dancers in the New York burly scene, Hotel Chantelle features a floor show to get you all fluffed for the weekend. Resident performers include the Riveting Rosie Cheeks, the Epic Mr. Gorgeous and the Grande Dame of Neo-Burlesque: Aurora Black. Always free, tips greatly appreciated!

Hotel Chantelle is wheelchair accessible.


March 23rd, 2014

TELL 2: Summer


Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

FREE 7pm (we’re passing a hat)

83A Hester St.

F to East Broadway

B, D to Grand St.

J, M to Essex St.

Hosted by the Dandy Drae Campbell, TELL is an evening of storytelling from the mouths and minds of queers at the Bureau of General Services—Queer Division. Summer is the theme of the second installment of TELL.

Featuring special guests:

Camille Atkinson
Susana Cook
Katrina del Mar
Marcus Hicks

The Bureau is not wheelchair accessible–up one flight of stairs. The Bureau has a gender-neutral bathroom.


March 29, 2014

Les Chanteuses



603 Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Show at 8:00PM, $8


Wae Messed
Miss Southern Comfort
Kim Brulee


Musical Stylings by Nico Dahl & Francesca

Please join us for the third installment of Les Chanteuses, a burlesque and variety show featuring the voices of the ladies behind the allure. Emceed by the incredible Camille Atkinson. Produced by Francesca Hoffman and Kim Bechtold.


April 3rd

Empire Beats at Hill Country BBQ Market Brooklyn



345 Adams Street.

Near A, C, F to Jay St. Metrotech

2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall

And every bus in Brooklyn goes there, nearly.


It’s just us! My true loves and I at the same location where we do the Wednesday night karaoke! Come relax and let us serenade you over some BBQ. I promise you’ll be so happy you’ll laugh and weep with joy!


April 17th

Juke Joint Revue

(see above for address, cover and trains)

Empire Beats backs the beauties Coco Masala, Tiger Bay and the sweet brown Bianca Dagga with kittening by Lillian Bustle! Free cornbreads kids!


‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Will Shakespeare

A Production of Falconworks

Thursday, June 6th Opening night and benefit 6-10pm

Friday, June 7th at 6-10pm

Sunday, June 8th (matinee) 1-5pm

June 12, 13, 14th 6-10pm (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)

Saturday, June 14th (matinee) 1-5pm

Sunday, June 15th (matinee) 1-5pm (sans moi, understudy)

Location TBA Red Hook

Not the Oxford museum piece we all studied in school, oh no…this production explores love, power, and dignity set not so far away in a galaxy quite nearby. Olivia Hockenberry and Adam Raickovich lead an ensemble cast of extraordinary players in a tested story of thwarted passion and heavy street shade.

June 19th

Juke Joint Revue

(see above for deets)

A farewell to Pam Demonium as she heads to Tasmania. No really, she married an Aussie and it had better turn into a sit-com… Join Laura Jean Dumond, Grandma Fun and the entire Empire Beats family as we send her off to some godforsaken country were Christmas is beach weather. We’ll say fare well but never goodbye.

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