Turkey Time is Upon Us Once More

Hey Folx,

Wanna get together for some music before the weather turns nasty and you have to deal with *shudder* Relatives? Me. Too. I’m doing a legit piece of theater in grand midtown through January. You should come see Truffles! because it’s dinner theater and you get a three course meal! Not to mention world class entertainment! There’s more burlesque in my schedule and I’ll be performing with Mike Cobb’s band the Crevulators in an act we’re calling GUMBO with me on vox!

Speaking of Gumbo. I’ve just started a little side business making gumbo in people’s homes. I’ll have a page up soon devoted exclusively to that shortly, but until then, come on out and getcher groove on.

awwwww yeah,

Running through January…

Truffles: A new dinner theater murder-mystery experience!

In Italy’s world-renowned restaurant, Ciacco’s, the wealthy Donati family are preparing to auction their treasured two-pound truffle and pull themselves out of financial crisis. However, festivities abruptly grind to a halt when the truffle goes missing and the restaurant’s owner, Dante Donati, is found dead. Chef Bruno just wants his guests to have a good time. Carlo the waiter just wants to elope with the Donati’s daughter, Isabella. And the Donati’s just want to solve the mystery before someone else falls victim to murder….or at least before dessert. With this much money, food, and a truffle empire at stake……you will never guess WHO DONE IT!


For tickets go to:



Nov 16th

Nov 22nd 

Nov 30th


For November shows only use the discount code:  truffles15

For $15 tickets to the show this month.



Dec 7

Dec 11

Dec 18

Dec 28

Les Chanteuses

Saturday, Nov 15



Branded Saloon @ 603 Vanderbilt Avenue

7:30 doors/8pm show

$7 entry


Featuring performances by:

Bronze Bettina

Miss Southern Comfort 

Kim Brulee


Lady J

Laura Lee

Musical Stylings by Nico Dahl & Francesca

Emceed by Bronze Bettina

Artwork by Ashkon Davaran

“Les Chanteuses,” and features the voices of the ladies behind the allure. Francesca Hoffman will be taking the stage again to sing a few songs with Nico Dahl to get the night started. Please join us! 



Nov 20th TBD–it’s going to be So Good!


Wednesday, Nov 26th

Stuff Yourself Silly

Get your polar bear, turkey loving *ss to the beach for some Stuff(in)!


Adam Realman is back with the original Coney Island variety show, Stuff Yourself Silly! Stuff Yourself Silly returns to the stage where it all began…on the night it all began…Thanksgiving Eve! Tickets are only $10!

This olde time vaudevillian romp is jam packed with thrills, chills, excitement and delightment! Adam welcomes an all female cast as he hosts New York’s most talented ladies at Coney Island USA’s Sideshows by the Seashore Theater.

Featuring: Agent Topchick, Camille Atkinson, Miss Vivian, Tanya Solomon

Hosted by Adam Realman

Tickets are $10 in advance (no extra service fees) or at the door.

Advance tickets at: http://shop.coneyisland.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=6257

Freak Bar opens at 7:00, show at 8:00

Spend the Eve with Adam and his lady friends!

Thank you and good Falling into Wintering!


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