The Long Run

Baby if you’ve ever wondered… I went down the proverbial rabbit hole into the wonder that is TRUFFLES! Yes we’re entering our third month in our dinner theater murder mystery experience. My website has suffered outrageous neglect but the show must go on! Truffles! has extended dates through April so get ye to the box office and purchase a ticket or two! The show has no fourth wall and the audience is onstage nearly as often as the cast. I’m having a great time working on the show as stage manager, costumer and performing as well.

love the personalities

Music from Truffles! by Jenni Lark is available on iTunes here:

halloween with the crevulators

I’ll also be hitting the stage with Mike Cobb and the Crevulators for the sound we call Gumbo, cause it’s a delicious yummy meaty mixture. So come out and check the band.

Muchos besos, Camilla

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