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It’s June and we finally got what I wanted all winter… Heat, heat and more heat! Bring it on! I know some of you folks are huddling around an air conditioner, but I luuuve the Heat. Down with a/c! Up with temperatures!…. Meanwhile, I’m turning a lasagna. No big deal. #nbd.

Just an update y’all.

I recorded a song with Ron Barba called “You’re So L.A.” a few weeks ago and the track is BOSS! I mean BAUS!! I can’t wait for you to hear it; you’re gonna love it! Ron Barba and I did “Truffles!” together a few months ago and he is a force to be reckoned with. A comedic force. Or a comedic farce. Your call. (Just kidding Ron…)



The weekend of June 13 and 14th, I’m werkin the ticketing gate at the Jazz Age Lawn Party!  I’m SO SO Excited to be an official part of the welcoming committee for this event!  I’ll be all dolled up in the sweltering heat–let’s see how much I like it then?  It’ll be a lot of fun so you should come out to Governor’s Island. It’ll be a day to remember fondly–sun, sand, grass, pretty dresses, dapper suits, the pie contest, Kidland, ancient gramophones, car show, dance lessons and more! How can you miss it?! P.S. Family friendly: watch your mouth, Atkinson!

Grace Gotham captured by Ben Lozovsky

Grace Gotham captured by Ben Lozovsky

Grace Gotham gorgeous as ever! Check out her good-looking cookin!


Tickets for the Jazz Age Lawn Party here:



August 8th I’m doing Les Chanteuses at Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights with Francesca Hoffman and Kim Brule. August 16th is Madge’s birthday, so there is no doubt I will be Madonna-ing that night. Bring out my lace gloves and my crinoline Lola! LOLA!

Because on the 16th…

madonna's birthday


…also in August, I’m doing a much anticipated Civil Rights Movement tribute act with Scarlett Lace at the Cobra Club. The secret word is NinaSimone.The tone is Not Madonna.

I’m also going to sing at more weddings this summer so love is on the breeze. I pray we all feel it. Remember Dorothy, It was there the whole time…

If you’d like to book me at your event or entertainment, wedding or burlesque just shoot me an email at:


Winky face.


Love yoooooooo….


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