Too busy too live, Too busy to die

I’ve been so busy! It’s good but this will be brief. Forgive my impertinent behavior…

Camille in gold spot light

Photo by Silvia Forni 2016



Branded Saloon, January 9th will see the premiere of my  butchlesque alter ego: Butch Bettino. I am so chuffed to be hanging with the Butches’ Crew of drag king fame Switch’n’Play! Their show at the Outpost was legendary and I love the folks who put it together. Hosted and spun by Lee Valone and Vigor Mortis!

Ah yeah! It’s Moxie!

Check the facebook event!


Moxie flyer


Branded Saloon


603 Vanderbilt, Brooklyn

$7-15 sliding scale


I’ve been in rehearsals with an amazing new project at Theater for the New City. Playwright and composer Danny Asheknasi’s new phantasmagorical  new musical “Speakeasy!” The story is combination of Lewsi Carroll’s Alice books set in the Negro Vogue and Pansy Craze of 1930’s Harlem. Based on the lives of real life queer performers Gene Malin, Gladys Bentley and Julian Eltinge.

Theater for the new city logo

We performed the show as a reading with music on December 7th. It’s an extraordinary piece of work and the cast includes some brilliant (hilarious) performers. I can’t wait for you to see it. So get your tickets soon!

Speakeasy poster Version 2 black gays alice in gayland

1929 – New York City. John and Jane Allison are newlyweds. Although they love each other, they have desires they haven’t even acknowledged to themselves, let alone explored. But after giving her neighbor Roberta White a kiss, Jane goes “down the rabbit hole,” entering the strange world of a Speakeasy, where time and space and identity don’t appear to follow conventional rules. On accepting a sexual proposition in a public men’s room, John mysteriously slides “through the looking glass,” and in one fantastical magical realist dream night, they explore their sexuality through the course of two simultaneous and intertwining magical adventures. Lewis Carroll‘s literary characters and events from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” are transformed into real-life historically- significant entertainers and events from NYC’s Prohibition-era queer culture, with whom Jane and John enjoy friendships and love affairs. After a night of speakeasies, buffet flat parties, police raids, drag balls, and a bizarre trial, will they reveal their “dreams” to each other and “speak easy” about their truths?

Click here to get tickets for “Speakeasy!”

Feb 18, 2016 through Mar 13, 2016 Limited Engagement

Hope to see you soon!

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