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Sometimes, I have to do stuff that’s not performing–you know like day job stuff. There’s been a lot of that. The up side is that I love my new job at the New Museum. The exhibitions are wonderful and my co-workers are folk I’ve come to admire greatly. you should if you might, come by to see it. Pippilotti Rist is an amazing artist to say the very least: her immersive environments are attracting crowds we’ve never seen before. Cheng Ran and Heather Phillipson extraordinary video works are also here,  I encourage you to join us.

You have to come see this. It will make you forget about the horrible thing that happened.

You have to come see this. It will make you forget about the horrible thing that happened.


I took time away from performing and did some costume design for Tim Patrick Walsh’s new play “Comfort in Silence”.  It was a grueling show to costume but I had so much fun. The play actually won the Jean Darlymple Off Off Broadway Award for best Playwright for “Comfort in Silence” !!!



I did quite a bit of stage managing too.

I’m going into rehearsal with Jonathan Luks, Head Honcho of Flying Ship Productions. We did his children’s theater piece in a few schools. We aim to do a play called “Winter Wonderland”. I play the caterpillar and the Red Queen. I love children because I don’t have any, so this will be fun!

I have some stuff going in the Winter. I will most certainly be at WEBurlesque Dec 28th, so catch me singing and dancing with some of my favoritest queeple. Love to see you!


Viktor Devonne's Holiday Striptacular! Dec. 28th ROCKBAR

Viktor Devonne’s Holiday Striptacular! Dec. 28th ROCKBAR


Oh and just for fun, a video for a song I recorded last year with Ron Barba. He’s ridiKAlous. The man has no redeeming qualities…So you know we get on like a pair of Ferragamos… #funsies


Spell check to come…stay tuned.


Oh dear gawd, it’s the Holidays again. Oy.

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