Camille B. Atkinson

Camille Atkinson (aka Bronze Bettina) was born on the Mississippi and raised in New Orleans. She’s become a popular hostess in the NY Burlesque scene, as well as a go-to back-up singer and comedienne. Atkinson studied acting and stagecraft at Interlochen Arts Academy before heading to Ithaca College where she received a BFA in Acting, performing in roles on both sides of the binary like Juliet (from R&J) and Dr. Frank N Furter (Rocky Horror) (Same week).

She moved to New York City and got involved in the queer club scene, producing drag shows, plying her trade in pop tunes, go-go dancing, cigarette girling and serving  as hostess for the legendary Xena Night at Meow Mix. In 2004 Atkinson began her career as a professional vocalist, honing her skills fronting New York bands (The Push, Changing Modes, The Solid Set, and Led Zeppelin cover band No Quarterly) at venues like The Lakeside Lounge, The Parkside Lounge, CBGBs and Rockwood Music Hall. She provided lead vocals for the 2007 CD “Down and Out in Shangri-La” with Changing Modes and legendary recording engineer Ted Spencer.

Currently Camille is playing out with Mike Cobb’s band the Crevulators in a collaborative project called GUMBO! (Re-Blackening American Music). She is also in a run of “Truffles: A new dinner-theater murder mystery experience” that is running through January in Midtown. Check out her Gumbo-In -Your-Home project and take her walking tours of the Gay Village and the Burlesque scene on her Vayable tours.



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