The Juke Joint Revue


Camille Atkinson fronted New York’s Empire Beats, a five-to-seven piece Rock/Roll&Soul band bringing you familiar and forgotten hits from the past and funky new originals. The seeds were planted in 2010 when New Orleans vocalist Camille Atkinson met an aging drummer while playing behind legendary, chart-topping R&B artists including Young Jessie, Barbara Stant, Lou Pride, and Bobby Patterson at the acclaimed Dig Deeper monthly Soul Music revival in Brooklyn. Atkinson’s skillful and agile vocals have been bringing people to their feet for years: Atkinson’s work in theater and cabaret add a wild theatricality and emotional intimacy to all her performances.

   THE JUKE JOINT REVUE Camille Atkinson hosted, starred and produced the Juke Joint Revue on the 3rd Thursdays at Parkside Lounge on the infamous lower east side of Manhattan Island. From May 2012 to July 2014, with a focus on live soul music accompanied by uniquely choreographed burlesque acts featuring the hottest performers in town. Picture yourself in a juke joint in New Orleans on a hot summer night, cold drink in your hand, watching the most fantastic performances you have ever seen, and you get an idea of the sexy, laid-back vibe of this event. As Camille says, “For two hours I can make you forget everything.” And she can. JJR Facebook

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