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May 1st Hey, got a great write up in the Northforker by Vera Chinese!At the historis Suffolk Theater

And  “Radiance” got reviewed in Polish!

For you English:

A write up in the QueensCourier about Ridgewood Burlesque with Lady Zombie and Crimson Kitty winner of Dragnet Cycle 3!

In honor of Dig Deeper’s six anniversary, I decided to dig a bit myself. I found this review of the Solid Set from Dig Deeper with Lou Pride in July of 2011.


April/May 2014 issue of Curve magazine:

I’m featured on page eleven of Curve magazine with a big ole stamp that says “This is what a Lesbian Looks Like”.  You can check it out here or pick up a real copy at your local magazine stand!


CBGB Music Festival at the Knitting Factory, 2013

[The] Empire Beats strung us along with a brief intro before Camille Atkinson strutted on stage and nabbed the audience’s ears by exhibiting a flirtatious aura, seducing us with her charming voice. Camille’s vintage performance—backed by [the] Empire Beats’ dazzling instrumentation—briefly converted the Knitting Factory into a jazz club in New Orleans. The cover of Bobby Patterson’s song, “TCB or TYA” was probably the highlight of their performance, receiving many cheers from the crowd. [The] Empire Beats’ set was jam-packed with fun vibes, but it was Camille who stood out amongst this soulful band. Camille exuded a unique charisma, delivering a top-notch performance filled with sex appeal. As one of the songs said, “She’s got flair, she’s got grace,” and there is no denying that.

Chelsea Erickson, Relix 2012

The following band, Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson, kicked things up a notch when the larger-than-life soul singer burst onto stage mid-song in what seemed like a witch costume. The band broke out into some funky numbers accompanied by the tambourine and saxophone and Atkinson’s voice was the perfect complement, drenched in sensuality. The vivacious singer had the room in her hand with her commanding stage presence and had Mother Feather’s lead singer, Ann Courtney, dancing to the music while the crowd threw their hands in the air. Singing songs about high-heeled shoes, butts and gumbo while throwing back some southern comfort, the band easily kept the room entertained.

Aaron Lee Tasjan, 2012

Last night while I was out and about (and fairly chemically re-arranged) I saw for the second time, the band Empire Beats. They’re from New York and I believe they play every third Thursday of each month at The Lakeside Lounge. Are they worth your time? Yes! They’re great. And I’m not just saying that because on occasion they kick a jam by old muggins over here. The singer, Camille Atkinson, is pure class. Her vocal qualities are impressive. She is fearless and graceful in the same moment. I really think she and the band delivered last night. I would suggest if you have the opportunity, to make one of their gigs. 

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