Gumbo In Your Home

Getcha GUMBO, boo

 Getcher Gumbo

That’s right. You heard about my gumbo, the chunks of tomatoes, the tender chicken, the bright shrimp, the sauce, the smell of the herbs, and the swampiness of the file….I know what you want.  You want some gumbo and I can help you with that.

 First you need to know that gumbo is a traditional New Orleans dish that is everything the melting pot is full of in the Delta region. It’s all kindsa French, African, (a shred of Italian), Spanish and American all stirring together in one scrumptious pot. Gumbo means okra in Bantu and you cannot make gumbo without okra. People who say they hate okra, crumble before it’s majesty in gumbo. Gumbo is a stew started from dark delicious roux that I make starting with bacon fat and flour. I should probably stop you here if you’re vegetarian or gluten-free. There is no negotiating with gumbo, it can’t be made without animal fat, meats and flour, believe me, I’ve tried. The results were dismal.

You may have looked up recipes for gumbo before but I don’t make it from a recipe, I learned to make it at my Pop-Pop’s elbow and from the wonderful city of New Orleans where I was raised. You can put anything you want in it chicken, sausage, shrimp, crawfish, fish, crab…most often it’s 2 or 3 of those combined.

I am also offering up my bacon cheddar jalapeno cornbread for distribution. The cornbread I can make veggie but still haven’t hit on the right gluten free concoction.  See pricing options below for details. Prices do not include ingredients but a good estimate is around $50 to make a chicken and sausage gumbo, $60 for chicken, sausage and shrimp for 3-5 folks. If you want your gumbo for the holidays, keep in mind gumbo is best a day or two after it’s been made.



:2014-01-23 15.04.32

  1. Cornbread $10.00 (per dozen corn-muffin sized)
  2. Cheddar herb cornbread $12.50
  3. Cheddar jalapeno cornbread $15.00
  4. Bacon-cheddar jalapeno cornbread $17.00



:2013-12-25 03.58.44

  1. Gumbo for 3-5 $55
  2. Gumbo for 6-10 $75
  3. Gumbo for 10-12 $125

All food prepared in your very own home. I’ll come by, we’ll play some Jazz (very important to the simmering process) and I’ll give you tips on how to make it for your very own. And then most importantly, we’ll toast my Grandfather and have a taste! Sound delicious?

Yeah yuh right!

To order: email me at Tell me how many people you are serving and when you need it by and we’ll coordinate our schedules.

Nom, nom, nom…mmm gumbo

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