Autumnal Affairs

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who enjoyed “The End Times Cabaret: The Great Crash” and the fabulously fun Juke Joint Revues at The Parkside Lounge this September. Thank you, I hope you had as good a time as I did! Francesca Hoffman and I are teaming up for another show–this time in Brooklyn!


It seems wind has changed direction and Mary Poppins is off to the outer regions again, kids. Fear not!–we can get together over some cozy RockRollNSoul and groove into the end of Fall like a leaf on the air. There is so much new music coming up from me and the band, a delicious bbq gig with my band Empire Beats at Hill Country BBQ Market and a Halloween Show to knock your costumes off for Theater for the New City’s 33rd Annual Halloween party!

Here is what’s to come…..

October 21st
Juke Joint Revue
Doors at 7:45 Show at 8pm The Parkside Lounge, 317 Houston @ Attorney on the LES
Join us for another classically bawdy installment of the celebrated Juke Joint Revue at the atmospheric Parkside Lounge. Empire Beats plays slammin soul and raunchy rock fronted by The Notorious Sapphic Songtress, myself. Breathless go-go routines and beautiful bump and grind provided by: Pam Demonium who premiers an act to the new controversial, original “White Boys”, Dick Jones explores the Hot Mess that is “Mary Lou” and our headliner Lily Faye the Bronx Bombshell does a seasonal medley of Artie Shaw’s “Nightmare” and “In the Pines”. Featuring Kittening and Go-Go by Fancy Feast with Juke Joint Poster Girl, Raffle Maven and Good Time Girl: Minx Arcana. Door as always by Plucky Charms. Come early for delicious Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread! Come Earlier for The Parkside Lounge’s Annual Chili-Cook-Off in honor of Sarah’s Birthday! Chili! Yum! Raffle includes burlesque accessories hand made by Plucky Charms of Plucky’s Charms and of course Hot Sauce! Admission still only 10 dollars!

October 24th
Les Chanteuses 8:30-9:30PM at the Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights
Popping our Cherries! The very first installment of Les Chanteuses. Host: moi, Camille Atkinson! Featured vocalists Kim Brulee, and burly by Miss Cherry Delight, Charles Stunning, and Cherry la Voix! All singing burlesque performances, all night long! Can Prospect Heights handle the Heat? Let’s all warm up and sing! Bring singles! Lots of go-go dancing action to keep you warm. Admission for this event $7.

October 25th
Hill Country BBQ
10pm at Hill Country BBQ Market, 30 W 26th St. New York, NY 10010
(212) 255-4544 Fri, October 25, 2013
Empire Beats chows down on brisket and then swings riveting soul all night for your meat-loving, hot sauce eating pleasure. The juiciest Texas style brisket, bbq, ribs, fall off the bone chicken, sausage, and OH I haven’t even mentioned the sides…the slaw, cucumber salad and lawd hep us the greeeeeens. Get your hands off my greens! Admission=FREE but you’d be Crazay not to get some of this food!


October 31st 

Theater for the New City’s 33rd Annual Halloween Party!

4pm Outside The theater (free) 8pm Inside ($20)

155 First Ave, East Village

Empire Beats will bewitch the East Village in Theater for the New City’s 33rd annual Village Halloween Costume Ball on Thursday, October 31st at TNC, 155 First Avenue. This unique festival continues as a grand coming-together for everyday New Yorkers and artists alike. A carefree fall tradition, it celebrates the creativity that comes with the season. At 4pm we will do a short set for the neighborhood outside the party and then at 8: Empire Beats distinctive blend of RockRollNSoul hits the stage with boylesque star Johnny Panic and a surprise performance by one of our favorite dancers…the suspense, the suspense…

The one-night fiesta takes over all four of TNC’s theater spaces, plus its lobby and the block of East Tenth Street between First and Second Avenues. Customarily over 1,400 wildly-clad celebrants gather for dancing, dining, showing off costumes and viewing acts from the cutting-edge of Cabaret and Theater. Costume or formal wear is required. Big-Band Dance orchestras take over the large Johnson Theater.

November 2nd 8pm Bowery Electric
327 Bowery New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-0228 $8.

Empire Beats does a straight show, no strippers. All Atkinson, All night. Alluring. Featuring all the new originals and some that you know by heart. Bowery Electric features great sound a mezzanine and two bars.


November 4th
Juke Joint Revue
Doors at 7:45 Show at 8pm, the Parkside Lounge 317 Houston, LES
A little bit of New Orleans in New York. Performances include the illustrious Fancy Feast to the Atkinson original “Spoiled”, Juke Joint Revue Flyergirl Minx Arcana returns to shine and Jo BOOBS puts on a feathery fanfare to-Blues in the Night. More to come, but just you wait! Admission still only $10

And as evra:

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I’m back on my feet and September is looking like the hot mess she is! I totally suggest you attend one of my upcoming performances, aiight?

September 2, 2013 Juke Joint Revue HOT SAUCE Night


Parkside Lounge 317 E Houston St  New York, NY 10002
(212) 673-6270

Sapphic Songstress and Miss Lez 2013 Silver Prize winner hosts the show and fronts the band for another soulful, funky night of Empire Beats’ Juke Joint Burlesque and Soul Revue! Brooklyn Irons performs to “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” | Zoe Ziegfeld does “Pulchritude” | Moxie Sazerac sizzles as a hot sauce bottle to my song “Hot Sauce.” Cornbread and jalepeno cornbread provided free of charge. First person at the door with a bottle of Crystal hot sauce gets in free. Hot sauce taste test: Crystal or Tabasco?


September 16, 2013 Juke Joint Revue Birthday Extravaganza


Parkside Lounge 317 E Houston St  New York, NY 10002
(212) 673-6270

Camille and the band celebrate some special birthdays through interpretive song and dance, Empire Beats Burlesque-style! Birthdays by Plucky, Kita St. Cyr and the Miss Lez 2013 Silver Prize Winna herselfs. Coco te Amo kills “Midnight train to Georgia”, Kit does “Lies” by the Black Keyes, and Falana Fox does Ike and Tina’s “Sexy Ida.”



Septembr 19th and 22nd  End Time Cabaret: The Great Crash


The Slipper Room 167 Orchard Street, New York, New York 10002

“The Great Crash” showcases live music from the End Times Brass Band with jazz, swing and blues styled arrangements from songwriter Phil Andrews of Apocalypse Five & Dime & Gay Panic, featuring incredible live vocals (including mine) and awe-inspiring aerial, dance & burlesque performances. More on performers and ticket purchasing:



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I Walk! I Sing! I Even Dance!

After breaking my foot in four places I am back on my feet, shaking my ass, and singing my heart out over the next two weeks! Check me out, all mobile and shit!

TONIGHT: Saturday 8/18 9:30pm PRIME: The Queer Party for Grown Folks

DJ ANGEL BOI spins: PRIME’s Miss LEZ contestant Camille Atkinson performs: Hosted by ole Dandy Drae Campbell. Do not miss this gender-queer fundraiser–TONIGHT



Tomorrow: Sunday 8/17 8pm Murray Hill’s Miss Lez Pageant 

Murray “Mr. Showbiz” Hill presents his annual, legendary Miss Lez Pageant. Six carefully-chosen gender-fluid lesbians will compete for the crown, $100, and a Hitachi Magic Wand. Enjoy the Swimsuit, Platform, Evening Gown, Interview and Talent competitions! With performances by Goldie Peacock, Zebra Baby, and Sophia Urista, DJ action by Lauren Flax, and featuring celebrity judges Michael Musto, JD Samson, Glenn Marla, Jincey Limpkin, Merrie Cherry, and Yetta Kurland.





It’s a Time Out Critic’s Pick:


August 23rd, 9:30 Room 69 at Hotel Chantelle 92 Ludlow St New York 10022

Calamity Chang the Asian Sexation presents this Friday-night parade of pulchritude at Hotel Chantelle’s elegant street-level bar. A Bevy of Burlesque Beauties will perform for your pleasure and Sapphic Songstress Camille Atkinson is the host the tonight.

92 Ludlow St New York 10022!shows/c66t



The Juke Joint Burlesque & Soul Review featuring Camille Atkinson

Aug 19 | Sept 2 | Sept 16

1st & 3rd Mondays Parkside Lounge 7:30 PM

317 E Houston St Manhattan New York | $10.00


Camille and the boys continue to bring you steaming funk, torturously beautiful soul, and smoking hot burlesque. The August 19th performance will include free fresh cornbread made by the Sapphic Songstress herself! Upcoming Juke Joints to include performances from these stellar stars and many others: Corvette LeFace, Zoe Ziefeld, Moxie Sazerac, Kita St Cyr, Plucky Charms, Bianca Dagga, and Genie Adagio!


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Here Comes Summer!

It’s summer time and the living is anything but easy, however the weather is gorgeous and I’m celebrating with Song!

1st Anniversary of the Juke Joint Revue!

May 27th Girls and Gumbo 5-9pm

Parkside Lounge  317 E Houston St, NYC

Notorious Sapphic Songstress Camille Atkinson presents Memorialize This! Happy hour starts at five with Mint Juleps, Southern Comfort & Lime, Gumbo & Hot Sauce, Dirty Rice&Beans and of course, Jalepeno Cornbread, followed by go go and burlesque performed to live Rock, Roll, and Soul. Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson will help you get your ya-ya’s out this holiday weekend. Performers include Wae Messed, Plucky Charms, Genie Adagio, Miss Poison Ivory, and the infamous Stonewall Inn favorite, Lavinia Draper! Ten bux.




Random Acts of Undress!

Burlesque. Improv. Game Show

June 4 7-9pm $7

Parkside Lounge  317 E Houston St New York, NY

Beelzebabe, The Siren of Sodom in conjunction with The NYSB Driver’s Seat Program is proud to present:  Six Performers, Six Songs, Six Props. 216 possible outcomes ! A spin of the wheel seals the deal. Performer, song and prop to be chosen at random on stage by a spin of the Wheel of Fortune, or perhaps….. MISFORTUNE ! Come see some of NYC’s finest performers in all their spontaneous, random, unrehearsed glory ! Who will get the weirdest prop ? Who will get a song they hate ? Who will have to go FIRST ? Starring: Beelzebabe, Cheeky Lane, Delysia LaChatte, Dottie Dynamo, Miss Poison Ivory, and Üla Überbusen. Hosted by Camille Atkinson with Stage Kitten Plucky Charms and Celia Foxglove at the door!


June 5th @ Gov’s in Byfield, MA, 8pm

Yes—my childhood dreams come true—I’m singing back up for a ‘60s girl group! I AM A SHAYLETTE!

Shayla Edmonds’ band consists of New York’s finest musicians on keyboard, bass, drums and sax. Two back-up girls (The Shaylettes) join the R & B band providing amazing harmonies fulfilling the soulful sound of the 60’s to contemporary music. Shayla began as a songwriter, co-writing a song for Betty Wright (of Clean-Up Woman fame), soloed with Lionel Hampton, sang back up for Fred Schneider (of B-52’s) opened in Paris for Sydney Youngblood, and toured with a Marvelettes group singing lead and background. If you’re in Boston or feel like a road trip


Julia and Kendra Bare All & Empire Beats’ Juke Joint Burlesque and Soul Revue


June 11 at Bowery Electric 7:30PM

327 Bowery  New York, NY 10003 (212) 228-0228 $8

Julia Haltigan and Kendra Morris play acoustic sets, followed by Empire Beats and the Juke Joint Revue. Hot Chocolate in The Summer Time features burlesque numbers with Sake, SoCo, Essence, and expert stage kittening by Laura Jean! Come for the rock and the soul—stay for the drinks and the girls!


Empire Beats’ Juke Joint Revue

June 17

Parkside Lounge 317 E Houston St NYC | 8-10—$10

There’s a vague Father’s Day theme to this event, which is particularly amusing as I found out my father is dead between planning it and today! Burlesque fabulousness provided by Vada James, Tiny Dee, Dangr Doll, Maia Moon, Bronze Bettina, Apathy Angel, and Plucky Charms! The boys in the band are looking good and ready to play their hearts out for you!


June 25th in New York City!

Park Ave Atrium–51st & Park Ave, Free.

Shayla & The Shaylettes featuring classic Motown and R&B. A show not to be missed,


Hill Country BBQ July 5th Extravaganza!

30 W 26th St New York, NY 10010 212.255.4544

No cover. Our PG-13 show! Bring the whole family! Eat and drink, just eat, just drink, either way, be sure to get seated downstairs where you can see the band!

Like Shayla:

Like Empire Beats:

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Cybernetic Chanteuse Activated: SHE SINGS AGAIN!

My new Cylon spine.

The first three months of 2013 were a living hell. What with the endless pain from my Guinness Book-size herniated disc and the spinal fusion surgery required to mend it, it’s just been a whirlwind of anguished screaming and pain medication. But now I’m able to perform again, better than ever, complete with funky fresh metal and cadaverous bionics! So many thanks to Mark Boquist for holding the band together while I was out on medical leave, and the thousands of people who lent their talents to the Juke Joint Revue in my absence– BROADWAY BRASSY, SHELLY WATSON, LAVINIA DRAPER, DRAE CAMPBELL, THE NEW YORK CITY BURLESQUE CHOIR, the Musiciansand all you beautiful burlesque queens, door goddesses and kittens—you know who you are. Thank you all for helping make the Juke Joint Revue such a special place and keeping the crowds happy!

So here’s what’s up for spring! The Juke Joint Revue at Parkside on April 22nd is my official comeback! Monday 8-10—come early, stay late, cheap drinks. $10 cover includes 2 hours of me belting out quality rock, roll, soul, feminist burlesque, go-go dancing, plus the Funk Fest Vinyl Swap in the front room! Pool table! Ms Pac Man! Photo Booth of Doom! I reclaim my place in front of my beautiful boys! Highlighted performances include original burlesque routines by Rosie Cheeks, Beezlebabe Siren of Sodom, Delysia La Chatte, with stage kitten Dottie Dynamo! And of course the world-renowned Lavinia Draper will be on hand to take the festivities just the right amount too far.

RSVP on Face book:

We’ve got another Juke Joint in the works for May 13th, and the May 27th extravaganza will be the 1st Anniversary of the Juke Joint Revue! Not to be missed!

Plus we’re playing our usual two sets with dinner and drinks at Hill Country BBQ in Chelsea on Friday July 5th!

It’s a big room and a fun time. If you haven’t tried their brisket, you should!

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2012 Wrap-Up Extravaganza!


Camille at the Juke Joint by Captain Scorpio

2012 was a fantastic year for me: I performed more than ever and met hundreds of wonderful people while doing it. It was just a blast. Here’s the deets.

Empire Beats at Lakeside Lounge, NYC

The first half of the year was dominated by Empire Beats’ monthly residency at Lakeside Lounge–we played until they closed in April—another legendary event space killed by greed. We performed constantly, including gigs at Bowery Electric, Fontana’s, Knitting Factory, Trash Bar, Otto’s Shrunken Head, 11st Bar, Arlene’s Grocery, six midnight gigs at Rockwood Music Hall, nine double-set performances at Hill Country BBQ, and two outdoor shows—one at Hudson LGBT Pride and the other at Matthews Palmer Playground as part of the Make Music New York summer festival. We shared bills with Mother Feather, Meah Peace, Sister Sparrow, and Julia Haltigan, among many other amazing artists.

Plucky Charms removes her stockings and the band plays on.

In May, Mark Bokvist and I started Empire Beats’ Juke Joint Revue, and it’s been a wonderful ride! A combination of live soul music, go-go dancing, comedy and burlesque, taking you back to a roadside juke joint in old New Orleans. We’ve been filling the back room at Parkside Lounge on a regular basis.  It takes a lot to produce the Juke Joint—a gracious club staff, A/V staff, door boys and girls, stage kittens, musicians, promoters, burlesque and comedy performers—so here are some shout outs to those who have helped us make the Juke Joint a success: Jo Boobs, Coco te Amo, Plucky Charms, Cholula Chuckles, Bunny Buxom, Rosie Cheeks, Falana Fox, Genie Adagio, Dolly Debutante, Stockholm Filly, Lilly Faye, Miss Poison Ivy, Johnny Panic, Teddy Turnaround, Sarah our beloved bar wench, Parkside’s owner Chris, and many, many others, foremost of all, Lavinia Draper, consistently stunning audiences with her crass yet endearing version  of entertainment. Did I leave you out? I was drunk. Let me know and I’ll tag your ass quick.

Beginning in 2013, Empire Beats’ Juke Joint Revue will be every 2nd and 4th Monday, 8-10PM, at the Parkside Lounge on East Houston. Come on down and get your ya-ya’s out, put a fiver in a pretty girl’s garter, and hear some of the best soul music this side of the Aegean.

Empire Beats’ Juke Joint Revue Promo Video

by Nishell Falcone


For events, parties, and weddings, EMPIRE BEATS can pare down and provide instrumental, cocktail, and ceremony music as well as expand for a full-on dance party. The addition of the Juke Joint Revue, a bodacious, beautiful showcase that includes established and upcoming stars of New York’s burgeoning burlesque scene performing along to the band’s music on their signature catwalk & runway, elevates any event to an extravaganza that delivers musical panache, sass, and class:

WeddingsPost Divorce ReMixers Engagement PartiesBachelor~Bachelorette Parties ♣ Groom’s Dinners Δ Family ReunionsRetirement CelebrationsGraduations π Wrap PartiesIrish Wakes Holiday Funk Shunz ¤ Rent Parties ◊ Society Mixers Ψ Product LaunchesFun RaisersBar-B-Ques Φ Clam Bakes ∞ Happy Hours ♠ After Hours Ω All Night Jams ω Plain Ordinary Whoopee Parties

Empire Beats Featuring Camille Atkinson new promo video

by Nishell Falcone


This year I had the opportunity to work with Francesca Hoffman and Phil Andrews, performing at the End of Times Cabaret Last Days of Disco event. Then Francesca Hoffman and Dre Campbell asked me to perform at the premier of their new queer club night Saturn Returns, which I’ve done monthly since.

Posing at the premier of the Saturn Returns event with Noa DeSimone at JACK.

Please subscribe to my blog to stay updated!

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Nov 20: Empire Beats’ First Anniversary Extravaganza

Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson bring their acclaimed Juke Joint Revue to the Bowery Electric on November 20th 2012 for a ninety minute showcase of Real Live Rock Roll & Soul Music + Real Live Burlesque. It’s the band’s first anniversary so we’re celebrating and everyone’s invited!

We’ll be playing our latest songs, plus familiar and obscure R&B classics, with performances from some of the hottest stars of the burgeoning New York burlesque scene: Rosie Cheeks, Falana Fox, Dolly Debutante, Genie Adagio, and Lily Faye, with general mayhem provided by Lavinia Draper. Our unique extravaganza is reminiscent of revues of the mid 1900s and has been gathering accolades from the public and performers alike. Bring your singles—but remember, no one touches Camille’s girls.


Meah Pace and the MAP Legends finish the show with an hour long set at 10. Meah’s a little lady with a big voice, often compared to Tina Turner, and she’ll be performing original soul music with her band the Map Legends. Plus there’s a happy hour upstairs from 5 to 9–$4 beers/well drinks, $2 off everything else. Come celebrate with us and get your ya-ya’s out!


November 20th, 2012 @

The Bowery Electric (327 Bowery)

7:30: Doors

8:00: Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson & the Juke Joint Revue

10:00: Meah Pace and the Map Legends

COVER: $8:00 (21+)

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The End Times Cabaret Presents The Last Days Of Disco

The End Times Cabaret presents THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO
Friday, 9/28, 10pm and Saturday 9/29, 10pm | Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street. 10002

Face it, disco, at its height, transcended racial lines and integrated diverse crowds in a communal, pan-sexual boogie. The End Times Cabaret is proud to present the “The Last Days of Disco” celebrating disco through performance and music. I’ll be featured in a number or two each night, and singing backiup for my colleagues in musical crime.

“The Last Days of Disco” showcases live music from the End Times Brass Band with disco and punk-inspired arrangements from songwriter Phil Andrews of Apocalypse Five & Dime & Gay Panic. Featuring vocalists Camille Atkinson of Empire Beats, DeeDee Vega of Amour Obscur, Joshua Lerner, Nicole Tourtelot, and awe-inspiring aerial, dance & burlesque performances from some of Brooklyn’s best: Dolly Debutante, Apathy Angel, Falana Fox, Ariana Huffenstuff, Rebecca Heinegg, Rachel Hsiung, MATYCHAK Dance Company

Emceed by Drae Campbell. Produced by Francesca Hoffman. Musical Direction by Phil Andrews. Artwork by Kat Tourtelot.

Dixon Place, NYC’s Laboratory for Performance

What began in 1985 as a literary reading space, a throwback to Paris salons, is now one of the city’s most important and fiercely experimental artists’ nests.” – The Village Voice


Friday, 9/28, 10pm & Saturday 9/29, 10pm

$12adv/$15 at the door.




Facebook Event:

Here’s what happened the last time I sang disco in public:

YouTube Preview Image

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Autumn At The Juke Joint

Empire Beats’ live soul and burlesque variety show, the Juke Joint Revue, debuted in May 2012 at the Parkside Lounge and has been gaining momentum ever since. Camille and the boys create a fabulous retro vibe, taking you down south and a hundred years into the past, to the hottest, friendliest, sexiest show in town! A little soul music, a little burlesque, some comedy, periodic go-go dancing, and literally heaps of fun. Recent Juke Joint events have featured numerous trending performers, including; Miss Poison Ivory, Rosie Cheeks, Dolly Debutante, Genie Adagio, Lily Faye, Mika Romantic, Lavinia Draper, and celebrity culturist Mark Sam Rosenthal.

~ September 10, 2012 Juke Joint Revue # 5

The Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St, NYC, 9:30 PM, $6

Featuring a variety of burlesque acts starring Coco te Amo, Little Motown, Beezlebabe Siren of Sodom, with stage kitten Stockholm Filly. Soul music provided by Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson. Total insanity provided by Lavinia Draper.



~ September 24, 2012 Juke Joint Revue # 6

The Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St, NYC, 9:30 PM, $6

Tonight’s performers include: Falana Fox, Cheeky Cheetah, Stockholm Filly, Plucky Charms, and Teasy Roosevelt. Camille and Empire Beats sear the stage with the heat of their music throughout—Camille’s birthday starts at midnight and she’s ready to celebrate!




~ October 1, 2012 Juke Joint Revue # 7

The Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St, NYC, 9:30 PM, $6

Every Juke Joint is special, and this one will be no different. With performances by Bunny Buxom, Mika Roman, Azul Blue, K Little Lola, and Rob Shapiro, you better get there early if you’re wanting a table!



~ October 15, 2012 Juke Joint Revue # 8

The Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St, NYC, 9:30 PM, $6

Dance to the music of Camille Atkinson and Empire Beats. Enjoy live performances by Little Lola, Bella Caramella, Lily Faye, Johnny Panic, and Juliet Jeske





~Monday October 29, 2012 Juke Joint Revue #9

The Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St, NYC, 9:30 PM, $6

On stage tonight sharing their unique salutes to Halloween and the Black Arts in general, Miss Poison Ivory, Johnny Panic, Lily Faye, and Rosie Cheeks At the Juke Joint Revue, all burlesque performances are done to live soul music, performed by the band and crooned lovingly by Camille Atkinson.




Note that we can bring the band, or the entire act, anywhere you like, at any time, for any kind of event. We recently traveled over to New Jersey to play the official Hudson Pride after party, and we’re always ready to bring the sexy, soulful vibes. Hope you can make it to one of our upcoming events and pass the word on to everyone you know.  | |  |

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An Amazing Review and a TV Spot

Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson played the Knitting Factory as part of CBGBs music festival on June 6th, and received this fantastic review on the Knitting Factory web site:

 The Empire Beats strung us along with a brief intro before Camille Atkinson strutted on stage and nabbed the audience’s ears by exhibiting a flirtatious aura, seducing us with her charming voice. Camille’s vintage performance—backed by the Empire Beats’ dazzling instrumentation—briefly converted the Knitting Factory into a jazz club in New Orleans. The cover of Bobby Patterson’s song, “TCB or TYA” was probably the highlight of their performance, receiving many cheers from the crowd. The Empire Beats’ set was jam-packed with fun vibes, but it was Camille who stood out amongst this soulful band. Camille exuded a unique charisma, delivering a top-notch performance filled with sex appeal. As one of the songs said, “She’s got flair, she’s got grace,” and there is no denying that.

Read the full review at the Knitting Factory website:

A while back, I was walking near Central Park, and had an interaction with someone that turned out to be part of the TV show Impractical Jokers on  TruTV. Please to check it out.

YouTube Preview Image


Take a moment to click the TOUR button above–we’re playing all over the  city again this month, and Juke Joint #3 will be on July 17th!

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